VIMFIX-PK® Ligament Anchor (Knotted for Primary or Medial row)

The VIMFIX-PK® is a fully threaded suture anchor featuring dual threads to maximize cortical and cancellous fixation, has a covered saddle tip to protect the sutures and is cannulated to channel growth factors.

The average pullout strength of VIMFIX-PK® ranges from 334.8 N* to 357.5 N*.

The VIMFIX-PK® anchor is manufactured with PEEK material which is a thermoplastic material with excellent biocompatibility and biostability characteristics.

  • Clinical Used for Primary or Medial Row Fixation
  • Fully threaded; Cancellous and cortical threads provide exceptional fixation strength
  • Broaching punch minimizes cortical stress fractures
  • Available in Double & triple loaded options
  • Enhanced tip thread profile for easy insertion
  • Provides initial fixation strength and stability
  • Technique-create hole using Punch or Punch / Tap, then screw-in the anchor
  • Available in 4.5mm and 5.5mm diameters
  • Available with fiber & fiber tape combination for greater footprint contact pressure on cuff