VIMFIX®-LR Ligament Anchor (Knotless for Lateral row)

The VIMFIX®-LR is a fully-threaded, knotless anchor designed for use with BioFiber suture or BioFiber® Tape in rotator cuff repair using the bridge techniques. It provides maximum pull-out and insertion strength while saving time. The simple knotless technique consists of passing sutures or tapes through tissue, loading them through the closed VIMFIX®-LR eyelet which is then inserted into a bone socket. Tension is visualized, adjusted and locked into position with the VIMFIX®-LR anchor body. VIMFIX®-LR anchor is cannulated and vented to minimize material and to allow for potential bony ingrowth. The anchor is available in 4.75mm and 5.5mm diameter, and PEEK material which is a thermoplastic material with excellent biocompatibility and bio-stability characteristics.

The VIMFIX®-LR is twist-in knotless anchor. The anchor is available in two variants, one is VIMFIX®-LRP and other is VIMFIX®-LRT. VIMFIX®-LRP with a PEEK body and a PEEK eyelet. VIMFIX®-LRT with a PEEK body and a metal (titanium) eyelet. The VIMFIX®-LR can be used in the Knotless double-row rotator cuff repair technique.

The average pullout strength of VIMFIX®-LRP 5.5mm ligament anchor is 588.7 N*, VIMFIX®-LRP 4.75mm is 503.4 N*, VIMFIX®-LRT 5.5mm is 646.7 N* & VIMFIX®-LRT 4.75mm is 575.7 N*.