SUPER-VIM® Ligament Anchor (Titanium)

The SUPER-VIM® design incorporates a cancellous thread with a very small core diameter to maximize pull-out strength in cancellous or osteoporotic bone. Each SUPER-VIM ® comes with two or three #2 fiber sutures of contrasting colors to maximize soft tissue fixation and allow suture identification. The SUPER-VIM® anchors have two suture eyelets to minimize the possibility of having the second suture lock after the first suture is tied. The average pull-out strength of SUPER-VIM® is 563N*. Available in 5.0mm and 6.5mm diameters with color-coded anchors and high strength UHMWPE fiber.

  • Anchors made of Ti 6AI-4V ELI Titanium Alloy.
  • Multiple fiber dispense load over more of the tendon
  • Independent fiber channels reduce suture binding
  • Needlepoint tip permits atraumatic hand insertion through soft tissue.
  • Anchor’s wide threads and small core optimize bone purchase.
  • Self-tapping design
  • Fully-threaded anchor body increases resistance to pull-out.
  • Laser etched markings on the drivers for insertion depth and suture orientation
  • 0mm and 6.5mm ligament anchors are also available with needles, ideal for mini-open rotator cuff repair procedures.