Graft Prep Station includes Graft Board , Sliding Base, Button Holder with scale, Graft Grasper Clamp-Left & Right and Suture Holder with Tensioner

This fully modular system plays a key role during ACL and PCL reconstructive surgeries to prepare soft tissue and bone-tendon-bone autografts or allografts like patellar tendon, quadriceps tendon, semi-tendinosous and gracilis tendons.

The system allows the surgeon to interchange the various components to clean, whip stitch, measure, pre-tension, or add a fixation device. The sizing block, sold separately, can accommodate grafts from 6 to 12mm increments.

The Tension Clamp helps in pre-tensioning of the graft for those surgeons who feel it is necessary for satisfactory post-op results. The Graft Clamps are designed to act as an extra set of hands and incorporate atraumatic teeth to prevent damage to the graft.