ONLoc Angled Bullet

A highly precise drill guide available for cruciate reconstruction-The ONLoc® Drill Guide conforms to each patient’s anatomy, offering surgeons flexibility, accuracy and control. The ONLoc® Drill Guide System is compact for easier handling and added control. It was designed not only to fit comfortably in the surgeon’s hand, but to accommodate the full spectrum of knee anatomy.

The key features of the ONLoc® Drill Guide are:

  • A dovetail arm design.
  • An ergonomic guide handle precisely fitted for the surgeon’s hand.
  • Simple locking mechanism for one-handed operation of the guide.
  • Light-weight and compact for added control.
  • A bullet for engaging the cortex more consistently and securely.
  • A rectangular guide arm cross section that is more rigid than round cross section designs.

ONLoc® Drill Guide System Set Components

  • ONLoc®Drill Guide: Our most rigid, accurate drill guide, designed for easy, single-handed placement.
  • ONLoc®ACL Elbow Aimer: For drilling to the laser mark at the aimer’s elbow; useful when the ACL stump is not removed from the tibia.
  • ONLoc®ACL Tip Aimer: For drilling to the tip of the aimer; useful when the ACL stump is completely removed from the tibia.
  • ONLoc®PCL Tibial Aimer: Rigid design along with calibrated tip results in consistent, accurate guide wire placement; broad face of tip easily passes through notch and provides a means of protecting posterior capsule during guide wire drilling.
  • ONLoc®PCL Femoral Aimer: For outside in drilling with medial incision. Rigid design along with calibrated tip results in consistent accurate guide wire placement; hoop tip provides a visual reference for the diameter of the fully reamed tunnel, helping avoid tunnel encroachment on the articular surface.
  • ONLoc®Angled Bullet: Tip angle matches the engagement angle of the ONLoc® Drill Guide on the tibia for secure placement.
  • ONLoc®Bullet, 3.5mm ID : It can be used for the All Inside ACL-PCL Reconstructions